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Child Health Research PhD Project Portfolio 2024/25

These are project outlines and there is scope for appointed students to work together with supervisors to define the final project. Supervisory teams for each project are subject to confirmation.


UCL GOS ICH Research and Teaching Departments

CHR-CIO-funded GOS ICH / University of Toronto

The UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (GOS ICH) has a reciprocal academic exchange arrangement with the University of Toronto whereby PhD students from GOS ICH may spend 6 months of their PhD carrying out research (typically during the second year of their PhD) at the University of Toronto. Two possible projects are available in the 2024-25 CHR PhD project portfolio as a UCL/University of Toronto research project:

  1. How do birth defects arise after HIV treatment? (Developmental Biology & Cancer)
  2. Investigating how lymphatics regulate kidney growth and regeneration in health and disease (Developmental Biology & Cancer)

Developmental Biology and Cancer

Developmental Neurosciences

Genetics and Genomic Medicine

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Population, Policy and Practice

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