UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering

We take inspiration from the materials, structures, patterns, and processes found in nature to engineer transformative solutions for sustainable development in areas including energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and the environment. Our research spans from the laboratory to the industrial scale, using both theory & simulation to drive experiments and prototype development.

Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering

Scalable manufacturing & process intensification to increase the performance, and facilitate scale-up of catalytic reaction and separation processes, especially in the context of sustainable development

Energy and environmental technology including fuel cells and electrolysers, renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaics, photocatalysis and solar fuels, technologies focused on CO2 reduction and utilisation, membrane separations for clean water and bio-separations, and processes that mitigate or prevent pollution

Materials engineering for the rational design of functional, nano- and hierarchically structured materials tackling challenges in applications such as catalysts, solar cells, sensors and biomedical materials 

Applications in built environment and design for greener construction and more sustainable living spaces, on earth and in space

Biomedical & healthcare engineering for development of healthcare materials and tools for fields ranging from dentistry and combatting antimicrobial resistance, to cancer immunotherapy