UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Zheyi Meng

Research Associate


Research Project

Bio-inspired membranes for water desalination, purification and bio-separations

Zheyi obtained his PhD in Material Physics and Chemistry, Professor Jin Zhai's group, at Beihang University (China) on nature-inspired ion channels and porous membrane materials. He applied multiporous polymer film in his researches, due to the regular channel shape, narrow distribution of channel size and available surface for modification. And he has developed the applications of this biomimetic nanochannel in low-cost and easy-prepared sensors, energy-conversion systems and nanofluidic devices.

His work in the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering focuses on the study of composite porous membrane materials with high permeation and selectivity for bioseparation and water purification.

Zheyi is a postdoctoral research associate within the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering in the Chemical Engineering department. Zheyi is working with Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens, Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker and Dr Daniel Bracewell developing membranes for water desalination and filtration of various biological entities.


      Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens


      PhD, Material Physics and Chemistry, Beihang University, China
      MSc, Applied Chemistry, Beihang University, China
      BS, Applied Chemistry, Beihang University, China