UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Noramalina Mansor

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Amal received her BSc in Chemistry in 2008 and MRes in Green Chemistry in 2009, both from Imperial College London. She joined UCL Chemical Engineering Department for her PhD in 2010, working under Dr Dan Brett. After completing her PhD, Amal became a Postdoctoral Researcher working in electrocatalysis for fuel cell applications.


Title: Catalysts and Catalyst Supports for Fuel Cell Applications

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell offer several advantages, such as rapid start-up and shut-down, high power density and fully solid state components, making them suitable for a wide range of domestic and automotive applications. However, large-scale commercialisation is hindered by the issue of cost and durability. The electrode is the largest contributor to the cost due to their insufficient durability, as well as the utilisation of scarce and costly Pt catalyst.

My research focuses on developing alternative electrode materials for fuel cells, and their integration into fuel cell devices, with the focus on enhancing catalytic efficiency and durability. This involves catalyst synthesis, characterisations and electrode fabrications. Material characterisations are performed both ex-situ and in-situ, using a combination of techniques, such as TEM, SEM and XRD, along with electrochemical characterisation methods, such as rotating ring-disk electrode and impedance spectroscopy.


Dan Brett

Research interests

    •    Electrocatalysis
    •    PEM fuel cell
    •    Graphitic carbon nitride materials
    •    Catalyst support


    BSc in Chemistry, Imperial College London, 2008
    MRes in Green Chemistry, Imperial College London, 2009