UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Leon Brown

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Research Project

Title: Development of novel, lower cost, stacks for REDOX flow batteries

REDOX flow batteries (RFB) may be regarded as a promising energy storage device for grid-scale applications. An inherent property of RFBs is their ability to de-couple power (operating conditions) from energy (concentration of electrolyte) which permits a high level of design flexibility and energy storage capacity. RFBs are typically stacked together in a bipolar plate arrangement which increases the size, weight and design complexity. Leon’s research, as part of the Electrochemical Innovation Lab, aims to explore a novel manufacturing technique to drive down the cost of RFBs. By utilizing different materials to traditional bipolar-stacked systems, cost benefits are achieved by eliminating the need for several components. This system would enable the cost of grid-scale storage RFBs to be significantly cheaper with comparable performance to current technology.


Dr Dan Brett

Research interests

  • REDOX flow batteries
  • Electrochemical characterisation
  • Grid-Scale storage
  • Innovative design architecture


Ph.D in Chemical Engineering – submitted thesis
M.Eng in Chemical Engineering (1st Class Honours)