UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Anand Pallipurath Radhakrishnan

Research Associate


Research Project

Fluid Processes in Smart Microengineered Devices: Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics in Microspace

The research being carried out aims to address the complexities (like free-boundaries/interfaces, whose location is not known a priori) brought about by microengineered devices (MED) with intricate microstructures. These complexities thereby, make the corresponding fluid dynamics inherently nonlinear and hence difficult to analyse and understand. Gas-liquid systems will be studied via a synergistic approach at the crossroads between applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, microengineering, molecular modeling and theoretical physics, never attempted before in the field. It will involve a balanced combination of sophisticated analytical, computational and experimental techniques, carried out in collaboration with Imperial College London. Overall, the project aims to build upon on accurate state-of-the-art hydrodynamic and molecular modelling, theoretical analysis, and microfluidics. With a multitude of potential applications found in the areas of microdiagnosis, drug delivery, mixed-gas components capture, and self-cleaning or ice-free surfaces, to name but a few, the study of the effects of microstructures in MED, at both molecular and hydrodynamic level, is a crucial step towards the understanding of complex flow processes in such devices with ultimate goal their optimal design leading to more efficient, safer and lower cost performance.


      Professor Asterios Gavriilidis


      PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Department of Biochemical Engineering, UCL, London, UK - 2016
      B.Tech in Biotechnology, St. Joseph's College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India - 2011