UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Teng Dong

Teng Dong is currently a PhD student in the research group of Prof Panagiota Angeli. He mainly deals with the coalescence phenomenon of droplets, which commonly occurs in many industrial processes such as oil transportation, sintering and spray printing. 
Prior to joining the department of Chemical Engineering in 2015, Teng studied Chemical Engineering in China University of Petroleum, Beijing from 2008 to 2015. During his undergraduate study, he studied the separation efficiency of a kind of bag filter with Prof Jianyi Chen. His project for master degree was to study the performance of a kind of gas-liquid separator called Gas-liquid Cylindrical Cyclone (GLCC). He developed a model to predict the pressure drop and separation efficiency and got good accuracy. 

Research project

Title: An Investigation of Drop Coalescence with Moving Liquid/liquid Interfaces.

Drop coalescence is a complex phenomenon, which occurs commonly in daily life as well as in many industrial fields. In long-distance oil transportation, the coalescence of water or oil droplets affects the pressure drop and energy consuming. In order to control the energy-consuming, study on drop coalescence must be conducted. Previous work concerned the drop coalescence with stationary interfaces. However, the interfaces are usually moving in reality, which makes coalescence process difficult to analyse. This research aims to depict the drop coalescence process with moving interfaces and build new models to predict the coalescence efficiency. At first, the effect of fluid properties such as surface tension, viscosity, density ratio on film drainage and rupture will be studied. Then the coalescence time distribution under different experimental conditions will be compared. At last, the former parameter will be integrated, and the relationship between dimensionless numbers such as Oh and We will be fitted to predict the coalescence efficiency.


Bsc(Eng) in Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing.2008~2012
Master(Eng) in Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing.2012~2015