UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Simona Migliozzi

Simona Migliozzi received both the degrees in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Chemical Engineering with honours from the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2013 and 2016 respectively.
Her master thesis project was focused on the study of hydrodynamics of compartmented fluidized beds for concentrated solar power applications.

After the MSc degree she worked as a fellow Researcher at the Combustion Research Institute of the National Research Council for analysis and CFD implementation of a mathematical model for studying the hydrodynamics of the absorption process in innovative super absorbent polymers.

She started her PhD in Chemical Engineering at the UCL during October 2016.

Research project

Title: Experimental and computational fluid dynamic studies for the development of continuous processing of complex oral health products (CORAL)

Oral care products formulations have increasingly advanced in the last years in terms of quality, function and effectiveness. This increased level of sophistication, along with the complex rheological behaviour of toothpastes, poses many product formulation and process development challenges to healthcare companies.
The whole multi-disciplinary project (CORAL) aims to introduce new fundamental insights into complex multiphase toothpaste, in which interactions between the suspended phases are very little understood and to overcome the related high impact manufacturing challenges.

The PhD program, as part of the CORAL project, is in collaboration with GlaxoKlineSmith and it will be focused on the development of new optimized continuous process, which consider the use of in-line static mixers in place of batch mixers. Indeed, this technology is increasingly used for continuous processing and have been shown to enhance mass and heat transfer rates.

In this research project Computational Fluid Dynamic models will be used to preliminary investigate the mixing efficiency in different configurations of static mixers and then the results will be compared with the experimental measurements, carried out in a specifically designed static mixer. In particular the study will be focused on the mixing characterization and the fluid pattern
of complex, multiphase non-Newtonian mixtures.


-    BSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy, 2013
-    MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy, 2016