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Revelation Samuel

Revelation Samuel obtained an outstanding first degree (B.Eng) in Chemical Engineering from Niger Delta University, Nigeria in 2009 and M.Sc. in Chemical Process Engineering from UCL in 2013 after securing a fully funded scholarship award in 2012 from Shell Nigeria. He joined UCL Chemical Engineering department in 2015 as a Postgraduate Researcher. His main research areas include multiphase flow modelling, pipeline safety and risk management and Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS).

Research project

Title: Transient Flow Modelling of CO2 Sequestration in deep Geological Formations

Geological sequestration of CO2 has been recognised as an important strategy for reducing the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Thus, research in this area is focused on developing economically viable technologies for geological sequestration and models describing the same.
From the head of the injection well to the reservoir the CO2 is affected by several physical effects that contribute to the pressure and temperature profile along the well. Heat will be exchanged with the surrounding rocks along the well affecting the fluid properties of the CO2 in the well.

Transient flow occurs during CO2 injection due to pressure difference between the incoming supercritical CO2 and the wellbore resulting to sudden changes in pressure, density and temperature of the incoming CO2 which may lead to; (i) formation of ice at low temperature and pressure resulting to possible blockage of injector outlet, (ii) formation of hydrate as CO2 is mixed with water at low temperature and pressure, (iii) fracture of pipe casing due to thermal stress and tension at low temperatures. Hence, developing transient flow model capable of predicting the pressure and temperature profile along the injection pipe work is important for efficient CO2 sequestration.
Despite the risks and complexity involved in the modelling of transient flow during CO2 injection, recent researches have modelled the process based on the following major assumptions which are disputable some a large extend.


B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, NDU, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, 2009
MSc. in Chemical Process Engineering, UCL, 2013