UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Qi Li

Q. Li obtained her BSc degree in Chemical Process Machinery from China University of Petroleum in 2009 and further her study as postgraduate student there under the supervision of Prof Y.D Wei and Dr J.F. Song until obtaining MSc degree. Then she started her PhD study in Chemical Engineering at UCL under the direction of Prof. P. Angeli.

Research project

Title: Intensification of Europium extraction in small channels using ionic liquids. 

Lanthanide elements play a growing role in modern society, and find applications in LEDs, laser technology, luminescent lighting, and industrial catalysts. There are however, serious supply issues and their recycling is very important. Liquid-liquid extractions are commonly used for their separations but current technologies are based on process units that are large and not well characterised and use hazardous organic solvents. In our research we develop intensified small scale extraction systems for Europium separation and use ionic liquids instead of organic solvents as the extraction phase. Ionic liquids are salts with low melting points and have negligible volatility and flammability at normal industrial conditions. We study experimentally the intensified contactors and develop CFD models that can predict their behaviour. 


MSc(Eng) in Chemical Process Machinery, China University of Petroleum, 2012
BSc(Eng) in Chemical Process Machinery, China University of Petroleum, 2009