UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Oluwamayowa Obeisun

Oluwamayowa Obeisun obtained a BEng degree in chemical engineering in 2009, and an MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering in 2010, both from the University of Sheffield. His research project examined the Processing methods and limitations to the production of biofuels in Europe. Oluwamayowa began is PhD in 2011 at UCL with the electrochemical innovation lab. His research focuses on fuel cell development, diagnostic and optimization.

Research project

Title: Engineering design and optimization of planar polymer electrolyte fuel cells through experimental analysis using printed circuit board technology

The project explores the design and optimisation of a planar fuel cell stack using printed circuit board current collectors as a substitute for graphite flow field plates found in conventional fuel cell stacks. It also explores the use of various novel flow fields in order to determine the most efficient design for the system as there is a dearth of research on flow field optimisation using PCBs. This is done with the eventual objective of developing a low cost operational 10 W 5 cell planar stack appropriate for low power application. The novelty of the system lies in the design of a three-layer PCB module that allows for internal flow routing within the PCB construct and also lateral interconnection between MEAs to form a planar stack with reduced volume and weight.


BEng in Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield, 2009
MSc(Eng) in Environmental and Energy Engineering, University of Sheffield, 2011