UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Kyeong Hyeon Park

Kyeong Hyeon obtained his MEng in Chemical Engineering at UCL in 2013. His final year research project was on a critical review of CO2 conversion using photocatalyst. He started his PhD in September 2013 at the same institution.

Research project

Title: Oil and water flows in a horizontal pipe (MEMPHIS Project)

The applications of liquid-liquid flows in pipes are wide but yet less is known compared to gas-liquid flows.  The distribution of the phases in the pipe is important in designing pipe flow systems and transportation over long distances such as from offshore oil and gas platforms. During oil extraction, often water is added to ease the process and the presence of water in transportation of oil needs to be taken into account carefully.

Distributions of different phases are studied using various techniques including high speed camera , PIV and conductance probes. Different geometries of the inlet and the pipe section are currently being studied. 


MEng (Chemical Engineering), UCL, 2013