UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Giovanni Meridiano

Giovanni Meridiano received his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering with honours from the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2016. 
His master thesis project was focused on the study of granular solids fluidized beds as solar receivers and thermal storage devices for CSP plans.

After the MSc degree he worked as a fellow Researcher at the University of Naples “Federico II” in the “Urania” project in collaboration with INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare). The main purpose was to design and develop a PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plant for Argon extraction from underground gas sources. 

He started his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the UCL during September 2017.

Research project

Title: Experimental and computational fluid dynamic studies for the development of continuous processing of complex oral health products (CORAL)

Oral care products formulations have increasingly advanced in the last years in terms of quality, function and effectiveness. This increased level of sophistication, along with the complex rheological behaviour of toothpastes, poses many product formulation and process development challenges to healthcare companies. 

The whole multi-disciplinary project (CORAL) aims to introduce new fundamental insights into complex multiphase toothpaste, in which interactions between the suspended phases are very little understood and to overcome the related high impact manufacturing challenges. 

In this research project, Computational Fluid Dynamic studies coupled with experimental work will be conducted precisely to investigate the production process of a product of interest. CFD modelling will be used as a validated predictive tool to improve the knowledge of the current process. 

Of special interest is the study of mixing prediction of rheologically complex fluids with solid particles. 


- BSc in Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Napoli “Federico II”, 2014
- Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Napoli “Federico II”, 2016