UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Gaowei Wu

Gaowei Wu received his BSc degree in Chemical Engineering & Technology from Shandong University in 2010 and MSc degree from Tianjin University (with X.B. Ma and J.L. Gong) in 2013. He then started his PhD in Chemical Engineering at UCL under the direction of Prof. A. Gavriilidis.

Research project

To date, the application of traditional batchwise techniques has dramatically promoted the advances of synthetic chemistry. However, the initiatives of green chemistry have encouraged the development of more beneficial processes, considering the atom and step economy. In particular, microchannel reactors have received a great deal of attention from the scientific community, featured by high heat and mass transfer efficiency and high-resolution reaction time control.

Thus, chemical reactions performed in the microchannel reactors could possess the unique characteristics of fluid flow in the microscale. This project aims to develop novel microchannel reactors for heterogeneous oxidation reactions, based on the rapid developments in materials science. Modelling and experimental investigation will be adopted and combined to stimulate the research process.


MSc (Eng) in Chemical Technology, Tianjin University, China 2013
Bsc (Eng) in Chemical Engineering & Technology, Shandong University, China 2010