UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Davide Bascone

Davide took a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Palermo (Italy) in 2013. For his Master’s thesis, entitled “Development of a simulation tool for the Reverse Electrodyalisis process”, he carried out sensitivity analysis and design optimisation of the Electrodyalisis process, within the “REAPower” (Reverse Electrodialysis Alternative Power) project. During his Master’s course, he studied 5 months at the Loughborough University (Erasmus programme).
From 2014 to 2015 Davide worked at the “Kore” University of Enna (Italy), as research fellow within the “Green Waste” project. His research involved modelling and optimisation of a regeneration plant of spent pickling solutions via spray roasting for small scale. Furthermore, he worked on the design of a liquid-liquid extraction plant for the removal of Zinc from spent pickling solution.
In 2015 Davide started a PhD at the UCL’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

Research project

Title: PACIFIC (Providing A nuclear fuel Cycle In the UK For Implementing Carbon reduction)

The UK Government has stated that nuclear power has a key role to play in implementing carbon reduction and recognises it as the cheapest low carbon technology in the future. The PACIFIC project supports research that provides routes to innovative science and technology for deployment in a nuclear fuel cycle.

Current reprocessing separation technologies were developed many decades ago and have not taken account of recent advances on process intensification which can drive down plant size and economics. The aim is to develop innovative continuous separation technologies and to improve the design basis of the current ones (pulsed columns, mixer settlers and centrifugal contactors) to enable comparisons. Models will be developed for the intensified extractors, and the separation processes using the novel technologies will be compared with the more traditional.


Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy, 2013
Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy, 2010