UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Charalampos Christodoulou

Charalampos Christodoulou received his Diploma degree in Chemical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), in 2015. His 5-year studies involved the successful completion of an original Diploma Thesis. In 2014, he also worked, as an intern, at a pharmaceutical company in Greece.  As an undergraduate, he developed an interest in pharmaceutical engineering, which led him to pursue a PhD in that field. 

Charalampos started his PhD at UCL in 2015.

Research project

Title: Modelling and Optimization of Absorption During Coating of Pharmaceutical Tablets

The shelf life of pharmaceutical tablets strongly depends on the measures employed to control the humidity and temperature to which the product is exposed. Water absorption must also be closely controlled during the film coating process, in which table cores are exposed directly to water.

Charalampos’ work aim to investigate the driving forces that play a role in the liquid-water sorption process at the point of contact between droplet and the pharmaceutical tablet, develop a fundamental model accounting for these forces and the other phenomena involved in the coating process, assist in establishing suitable experimental protocols to identify and estimate the necessary parameters in the model, if applicable, conduct small-scale experiments, perform parameter estimation for the model, incorporate the model within a higher-level model already available for the full system, revisit the initial hypothesis regarding the driving forces and determine (with proper statistics) whether the proposed model is sufficient or if structural changes are required, and perform a full-system optimization study to determine the optimal design of the tablet, the process, and the handling of the intermediate coated product and the packaging strategy to maximize the shelf life of the product under realistic usage scenarios.


Diploma degree in Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 2015