UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Carlos Pérez Galván

Carlos Pérez Galván received his BSc degree in Chemical Engineering in 2012 (Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Univesidad Autónoma de Coahuila) in Mexico. His final research project was on the automatic control of bioreactors with an emphasis on the developing of a new control law for these systems. He joined the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering in 2013 where he is currently completing his PhD degree.

Research project

Title: Global optimisation of dynamic process systems

Chemical process systems, where complex interacting systems process raw materials into useful products, operate dynamically as they are subject to change, both intentional and unintentional.  Engineers often seek to find optimal operating strategies using computational models usually consisting of ordinary differential equations. However it must also be possible to operate these optimal solutions safely and so the solutions must satisfy upper and lower bounds at all times.  The project aims to develop tight interval bounds for dynamic processes using the techniques of interval analysis.  These intervals provide upper and lower bounds for proposed optimal trajectories of important dynamic variables. 

The project also aims to develop techniques that ensure that a globally optimal solution to problems such as maximising yield of a particular output variable or of minimising the cost associated with a particular disturbance also guarantees bounded performance across the whole trajectory.  It is important to remain within bounds particularly because of critical safety constraints of environmental and economic nature for example.  The algorithms will be used on a variety of case studies including advanced manufacturing of chemical products such as petroleum and methanol, but also biological systems such as the human liver, a complex system which processes chemicals in the body.


BSc in Chemical Engineering, Universidad Autonóma de Coahuila, Mexico, 2006-2011