Change and Improvement


Continuous Improvement

January 2024: The Continuous Improvement team have moved to the Service Excellence department in the PS Hub.

The Continuous Improvement team works with teams across UCL to help simplify and improve processes and services, and free up time for staff to spend on specialist support and strategic priorities.

The team aim to understand the challenges faced every day by staff and students, and to empower people to generate improvements that allow everyone to focus on what matters. We will do this by:

  • Leading projects to deliver strategic, complex and urgent improvements to support the broader UCL strategy and vision.
  • Developing the CI community though coaching, training and facilitation to identify and conduct improvement work, and by developing a toolkit to be used across UCL.
  • Managing a programme of continuous improvement projects and working with partners across UCL to ensure improvements are well coordinated and implemented.
  • Collaborating with other relevant departments and teams, such as Organisational Development, EDI and Sustainability, the CI team will work to embed a culture of continuous improvement across UCL.

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Continuous improvement at UCL

UCL is a huge and complex organisation with lots of different processes and ways of doing things. As we've evolved as an institution many of our processes have become overly complicated or burdensome and many are difficult for staff and students to understand or navigate. In order to sustain our position as one of the top ten universities in the world and create an environment in which our staff can personally develop and fulfil their potential, it’s important that we have clear and visible processes, systems and services in place. 

The Continuous Improvement team has been set up to work with all staff and students at UCL to help improve services and make the transactional straight forward and efficient. By cutting out unnecessary activities and creating capacity we can focus more on specialist support to better meet the needs of our staff, and make better use of our resources by focussing on our core institutional mission of teaching, learning and research to provide the best experience for our students.

Progress and next steps

Since March 2021 we’ve been working with teams across UCL deliver a number of strategic, complex and urgent improvements to support the broader UCL strategy and vision.