Change and Improvement



Change and Improvement is here to support the UCL community improve services for the benefit of students and staff.

Change and Improvement is at the heart of helping the UCL community meet its strategic aims by improving services through collaborating with staff and students, and developing services and solutions that are straight forward and efficient.

We do this by supporting local leadership and teams to enable change, and, when necessary, by organising large scale programmes of work across services and departments.

Transformation, change and improvement leadership: Building on lessons learned from the TOPS Programme, and drawing on specialist skills and experience within the team we provide leadership for a range of change and improvement initiatives across UCL.

Support and capability: We provide tools, advice and guidance to support faculties and departments to plan and deliver change and improvement initiatives locally.

Leadership Team

Julie Bailey - Head of Change Management

Fraser Burgess (interim) - Head of Business Analysis

Stuart McLellan - HR Lead

Meg Veale - Divisonal Manager

C&I org structure - March 2024

Change and Improvement services

Change Management:

The Change Management team supports teams and projects to plan, implement and successfully embed change at UCL – such as new processes, ways of working, and new technologies and systems.

Continuous Improvement:

[January 2024: The Continuous Improvement team have moved to the Service Excellence department in the Professional Services Hub.]

The Continuous Improvement team works with teams across UCL to help simplify and improve processes and services, and free up time for staff to spend on specialist support and strategic priorities.

Business Analysis:

The Business Analysis team enables change by analysising problems or opportunities and finding solutions.

Change and Improvement Team Core Objectives

  1. User Centred Design: To use well established service design techniques to collaborate with staff and students to design services which meet their needs, improve their experience and enable them to achieve their goals.
  2. Portfolio View: To provide a coordinated view of transformation and change across UCL and integrate work as appropriate to ensure success.
  3. Centre of Excellence: To develop a centre of excellence for service design, business change, continuous improvement and programme/project management to support operational excellence, new change projects and raise skill levels across UCL.
  4. Programme and Project Support: To provide structured programme and project organisation to deliver any larger scale programmes of change.
  5. Role Modelling: To be early adopters of new ways of working and embrace changes in the organisational culture that enable UCL to be more adaptable and responsive to meet its forward-looking objectives resulting from the new strategy for 2022-2027.