Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases


Our Staff

Below is information relating to the following staff groups:


Name Title Areas of interest
Prof. Michael HannaProfessor in Clinical Neurology

Mitochondrial disease
Muscle channelopathies
Myotonic dystrophy
Inflammatory muscle diseases
Glycogen storage diseases

Prof. Mary ReillyProfessor of Neurology

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies
Inherited peripheral neuropathies

Prof. Francesco Muntoni Chair of Paediatric NeurologyPaediatric Neurology (ICH)
Prof. Elizabeth Fisher Professor of NeurogeneticsNeurodegenerative Diseases
Prof. Linda Greensmith Professor of NeuroscienceMotor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders
Prof. Jenny MorganProfessor of Cell BiologyICH Developmental Neurosciences Programme
Prof. Tarek YousryProfessor of NeuroradiologyPeripheral Nerve
Prof. Dimitri Michael Kullmann Professor of Neurology 

Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy
Neuromuscular Junction diseases

Prof. Martin Koltzenburg Consultant Neurologist Peripheral Nerve
Prof. Sebastian Brandner  Consultant Neurologist  

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies

Prof. Perry Elliott Consultant CardiologistMyotonic dystrophy
Prof. Simon HealesProfessor of Clinical Chemistry Diagnostic service for Glycogen storage diseases


Name TitleAreas of interest
Dr. Robin HowardConsultant Neurologist

Motor Neurone Disease
Neuromuscular Junction diseases

Dr. Katie Sidle Consultant Neurologist (MND)Motor Neurone Disease
Dr Alex RossorConsultant Neurologist Peripheral Neuropathy
Dr. Pietro FrattaSenior Clinical Research AssociateMotor Neurone Disease
Dr. Nick HirschConsultant Neuroanaesthetist and Clinical Lead Neuromedical Intensive Care Unit

Neuromuscular Junction diseases
Myotonic dystrophy

Dr. Jennifer SpillaneClinical Research FellowNeuromuscular Junction diseases
Dr. Julian BlakeConsultant Neurophysiologist 

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies

Dr. Hadi ManjiConsultant Neurologist

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies
Infectious, mechanical and drug induced neuropathies

Dr. Mike LunnConsultant Neurologist

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies

Dr. Matilde Laura Consultant Neurologist 

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies
Inherited peripheral neuropathies

Dr. Shirley D'Sa HaematologistPeripheral Nerve
Dr. Rahul Phadke Consultant Neurologist (neuropathology)

Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies

Dr. Aisling CarrLocum ConsultantInflammatory peripheral neuropathies
Dr. Ros QuinlivanConsultant Neurologist Muscle
Dr. Jasper MorrowConsultant Neurologist Muscle 
Dr. Tracey GravesConsultant Neurologist Muscle
Dr. Enrico Bugiardini Clinical Research FellowMitochondrial disease
Dr. Chris TurnerConsultant NeurologistMyotonic dystrophy
Dr. Jeremy RadcliffeConsultant AnaesthetistMyotonic dystrophy
Dr. Antonis PantazisConsultant CardiologistMyotonic dystrophy
Dr. Matt Parton Consultant NeurologistInflammatory muscle diseases
Dr. Pedro Machado  Consultant Neurologist Inflammatory muscle diseases 
Dr. Jatin PattniPsychologist Glycogen storage diseases
Dr. Richard Godfrey Sports ScientistGlycogen storage diseases
Dr. Ashirwad MerveConsultant Neuropathologist  
Dr Arjuna NagendranConsultant NeurophysiologistChannelopathies


NameTitle Areas of interest 
Imelda FoleyClinical Nurse SpecialistNeuromuscular Junction diseases
Georgiana LogouClinical Nurse SpecialistMyasthenia Gravis
Roy CarganilloClinical Nurse Specialist Peripheral Neuropathies
Laura Compton Clinical Nurse Specialist IVIG Immunosupression
Mariola SkorupinskaResearch NurseInherited peripheral neuropathies
Natalie JamesClinical Nurse Specialist

Mitochondrial disease
Muscle channelopathies

Susan MacDonaldClinical Nurse Specialist

Myotonic dystrophy
Inflammatory muscle diseases

Iwona Skorupinska Research Nurse Inflammatory muscle diseases 
Maria PatasinClinical Nurse SpecialistGlycogen storage diseases


NameTitle Areas of interest 
Dr. Gita RamdharrySenior Specialist Physiotherapist

Peripheral Nerve
Inflammatory peripheral neuropathies
Inherited peripheral neuropathies

Sarah HolmesClinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Mitochondrial disease
Muscle channelopathies

Charlotte Ellerton Dietician Glycogen storage diseases 
 PhysiotherapistGlycogen storage diseases


Abu ChoudhuryNeuromuscular Manager abuchoudhury@nhs.net
Jackie Kasozi-BatendeHighly Specialised Service Manager jackie.kasozi-batende@nhs.net
Laura BergClinical Trial Coordinator (UCLH)laura.berg1@nhs.net
Lodina RecicaClinical Trial Coordinator (UCL)lodina.recica21@ucl.ac.uk
Iqraa Afzal Clinical Trial Coordinator (UCL)i.afzal@ucl.ac.uk
Eleanor CouchClinical Trial Coordinator (UCL)e.couch@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Lindsay WilsonICGNMD Research Managerlindsay.wilson@ucl.ac.uk
Christine Oldfield Centre Senior Administrator (full-time)  christine.oldfield@ucl.ac.uk
 Zoë ScottCentre Senior Administrator (part-time) z.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Jacky BauerAcademic PA to Mary Reilly j.bauer@ucl.ac.uk
Nichola Denneth NMCCC Coordinator nichola.denneth@nhs.net
Yasmin Begum
 HSS McArdle Manager yasmin.begum12@nhs.net