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Head of Programme

Professor Francesco Muntoni

Helen Cross

Deputy Head

Professor Helen Cross


Developmental Neurosciences
Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

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Selected Publications

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Towards motion insensitive EEG-fMRI: Correcting motion-induced voltages and gradient artefact instability in EEG using an fMRI prospective motion correction (PMC) system   Danilo Mazieroa, Tonicarlo R. Velasco, Nigel Hunt, Edwin Payne, Louis Lemieux, Carlos E.G. Salmon, David W. Carmichael

Mapping human preictal and ictal haemodynamic networks using simultaneous intracranial EEG-fMRI Umair J. Chaudhary, Maria Centeno, Rachel C. Thornton,Roman Rodionov, Serge Vulliemoz, Andrew W. McEvoy, Beate Diehl, Matthew C. Walker, John S. Duncan, David W. Carmichael, Louis Lemieux

NODDI and Tensor-Based Microstructural Indices as Predictors of Functional Connectivity. Deligianni F, Carmichael DW, Zhang GH, Clark CA, Clayden JD

Optimising EEG-fMRI for Localisation of Focal Epilepsy in Children.
Centeno M, Tierney TM, Perani S, Shamshiri EA, StPier K, Wilkinson C, Konn D, Banks T, Vulliemoz S, Lemieux L, Pressler RM, Clark CA, Cross JH, Carmichael DW1.

Developmental Neurosciences Programme

The primary focus of the Developmental Neuroscience Programme is to minimise the impact of disorders affecting the developing central and peripheral nervous system by: 

  • Studying the mechanisms of injury and repair
  • Improving diagnosis and prognosis
  • Evaluating therapeutic strategies
  • Optimising functional outcome

Using a life-span approach, we link laboratory-based neuroscience techniques with clinical research to investigate neurodevelopmental and acquired disorders affecting the young brain and peripheral nervous system. Our goal is to translate novel research findings into clinical practice. We use innovative technologies to relate genetic and anatomical markers of disease to normal and abnormal indices of cognitive, motor, behavioural, and mental health processes. By promoting early diagnosis, we aim to improve the management and treatment of affected children not only within GOSH and UCL Health Partners, but also nationally and internationally. Finally we undertake both early experimental and larger confirmatory clinical trials to contribute to the development of national guidelines and policies, and set national/international standards of clinical care for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and/or rare diseases affecting central and peripheral nervous system function.


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