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CDCN is an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty and cross-theme initiative that aims to promote research and training within the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience across UCL and its partner institutions.



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Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

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About Us

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CDCN Seminars 2019 

  • April 10th  Dr Lisa Henderson (University of York)
  • May 8th   Professor Emily Farran (UCL)
  • June 12th  Professor Topun Austin (University of Cambridge) 
  • July 10th  Professor Eamon McCrory (UCL)

For more details and for the upcoming seminar abstract see events/events

CDCN Event 

GOSH patients were joined by former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and Tim Peake (via skype) for an exciting art project that is travelling the world. For details see [To Infinity and Beyond!: To Infinity and Beyond!]

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