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Low Countries History Seminar 2016/17

Convenors: Anne Goldgar (KCL), Benjamin Kaplan (UCL), Ulrich Tiedau (UCL), Joanna Woodall (Courtauld)

Featuring speakers from the Low Countries and further afield, as well as from Britain, the Low Countries seminar is an opportunity for scholars and students to keep up-to-date on the latest work in Low Countries history.

2016/2017 Seminar Series

Meetings: Fridays at 5:15 pm at the Institute for Historical Research. Except where indicated otherwise, all meetings take place in the Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House, WC1E 7HU.

Autumn Term

21 October
Bruno Blondé (Antwerp), 'The straw mattresses of a love triangle: Economic growth, social inequality and early modern consumer changes in the eighteenth-century Low Countries'
4 November

Stijn van Rossem (London), 'Editorial Strategies in the early-modern period: the Verdussen case (Antwerp, 1590-1690)'

Venue: Room N304, Senate House

18 November

David Freeman (Kansas City), 'A Silver River in a Silver World: Dutch merchants in the South Atlantic, 1640s-1740s' - joint session with the Economic and Social History of the Early Modern World seminar

Venue: tbc

 2 December Nina Lamal (St Andrews), 'The Low Countries in the news: Italian information networks on the Dutch Revolt'

Spring Term

10 February
Helmer Helmers (Amsterdam), 'Public Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Dutch Print Culture and International Relations, 1568-1648'
24 February
Chris Nierstrasz (Rotterdam), 'The Dutch East India Company and the Atlantic (1700-1800)'
10 March
Meredith Hale (Cambridge), `"Reading" visual satire: Romeyn de Hooghe's Nieuw Liedt' 
24 March
Richard Blakemore (Reading), 'Empire and identity: British seafarers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam during the seventeenth century'

Summer Term

5 May
Jan Willem Honig (London), 'Combating Brutality and Excess in War: Lessons from the Dutch Revolt of the 1570s and 1580s'
19 May
Danielle van den Heuvel (Amsterdam), 'The Freedom of the Streets: Gender and Urban Space in early modern Holland' 

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Ben Kaplan: b.kaplan@ucl.ac.uk

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