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October 2016, 'The diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr' by Rudolf Dekker

Our 2016 annual lecture, with generous support from the Dutch Embassy

Rudolf Dekker's wonderful book on The diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr is available to purchase from Panchaud Press

February 2016, Literary evening with Rebekka de Wit

With generous support from the Dutch Embassy and Flanders House


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February 2016, Debate on Dutch Values with Paul Scheffers and Coen Teulings

In cooperation with the Dutch Church 

December 2015, 'A Strong Barbaric Accent' by Professor Jeroen Dewulf

Our 2015 annual lecture, co-hosted with the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies

March 2015, Poetry evening with Maud Vanhauwaert

With generous support from Flanders House

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   With thanks to Flanders House, the Dutch Embassy and the Dutch Church for their cooperation and generous support.