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IEP PGTA Teaching Excellence Awards 2022-23

12 July 2023

UCL Engineering is delighted to announce the winners for the 2022-23 IEP PGTA Teaching Excellence Awards.

IEP winners and IEP staff

On 4 July the Faculty came together to celebrate the more than 200 members of staff involved in the day-to-day running of the Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP); including postgraduate teaching assistants, IEP module conveners and administrative staff.

This is the 9th year the IEP has run, and nearly 1000 first-year students took IEP module, taught with a team of 125 fantastic PGTAs and SPGTAs. It was important for the IEP team to highlight the essential role the IEP Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs) play in the delivery of the programme.  

Seventeen PGTAs were nominated by teaching staff and students and every single nomination highlighted the outstanding work PGTAs do within UCL Engineering.  

And the winners are …   

Best Team Contribution
Hadumanro Malau
Hadumanro is a PhD candidate with UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Best Student Engagement
Wenlin Tu
Wenlin is a PhD candidate with UCL Civil Environmental and Geomatic Engineering 

Best Assessment & Feedback
Carla Griffiths
Carla is a PhD candidate in neuroscience in the UCL Ear Institute

Best Leadership
Samuel Ackerley
Samuel is a PhD candidate with UCL Department of Chemistry

Best Overall PGTA
Samuel Ackerley