Centre for Applied Archaeology


Project Team

UCL Team:

The Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA), directed by Professor Dominic PERRING.

Prof Perring is the Principal Investigator of Shanxi Project, responsible for academic supervision and quality control, and is supported by Research Associates and staff of the CAA digital documentation team, including:

· Gai Jorayev: Remote sensing, photogrammetry, outreach & education, media

· Karol Wehr: Digital data manager and image processing, photogrammetry

· Jia Liu: Fieldwork coordinator

· Guy Hopkinson: Historic building survey

· Antonio Reis: Photography, multispectral imaging

The International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA), under the direction of Prof Dorian FULLER. Within the ICCHA,

· Rui PANG is managing all project activities with oversight of bilingual fidelity

· Norio SHINOHARA is specialist lead on art historical context of the wall paintings. 

· Tong TONG is a wall painting conservation specialist.

UCL team is also supported by specialists of Archaeology South-East.

China Team:

ZJU Institute of Cultural Heritage, directed by Prof Jingyan Cao, is home to the National Key Scientific Research Base for Digital Conservation on Grotto and Temple Heritage. The ZJU team has lead responsibility for identifying sites for fieldwork, and for research on temple architecture, including:

· Dr LI Zhirong: Ancient architecture study, Grotto and temple Heritage

· Dr DIAO Changyu: Computer vision and software development

· HUANG Shuo: heritage digitalisation and conservation, field team leader

· WANG Bin: heritage digitalisation and conservation

· LUO Jianghuai: heritage digitalisation and conservation

· JIN Keyu: Ancient architecture study

Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage (SBCH) includes 11 prefectural level cultural heritage bureaus and has responsibility for the integration of this research with other public initiatives in heritage conservation and management. As the local representative of SBCH, Shanxi Institute of Ancient Architecture Conservation (SIAAC) contributes to the identification of sites and buildings in need of recording, provide legal consents for fieldwork to take place, arrange access to sites and support the publication of the digital documentation. Ms LIU Baolan, the Chief Engineer is leading the SIAAC team including experts on Shanxi architecture heritage, including JIAN Li, ZHANG Guohua and LIU Jianzhao.

The project survey starts from Xinzhou prefecture-level city, led by Mr GUO Yintang, the director of Xinzhou Prefecture-level City Cultural Heritage Bureau, and Mr ZHANG Chunlei (Secretary General) as well as Mr LI Peilin and Mr LIU Xiaopang, experts in regional archaeology and cultural heritage.

Project's field team