Centre for Applied Archaeology


Training and Courses


The CAA can offer expert masterclasses on cultural resource management, archaeology, conservation, interpretation and project management to local communities, governmental bodies, NGOs and interested individuals. These courses are designed and supervised by our principal consultants and taught by experienced staff from the CAA in collaboration with staff from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL.  Expert masterclasses are designed to improve skills in:

  • Archaeological Field Techniques - Excavation, Surveying, Research
  • Cultural Heritage - theory and international context
  • Archaeological site management
  • Recording techniques for archaeological remains (documentation)
  • Artefact conservation & storage
  • Conservation Planning (e.g. condition and risk assessments)
  • Ceramic and finds recording and analysis
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Surveying and Geophysics)
  • Photography
  • Interpretation and Education 
  • Sustainable tourism - visitor surveys, tourism planning.

Masterclasses combine theory with practical training through a combination of classroom teaching and fieldwork. An expert masterclass can consist of:

  • Major residential training courses on site (lasting between 1-6 weeks) focusing on specific issues of conservation, site management, recording etc.
  • Seminars and short-courses (lasting from 1-4 weeks) and aimed to develop core skills. . 
  • Work Programmes. These are designed on an individual basis and managed locally with and supplemented with distance support and visits from our specialists.


The CAA has provided placements in Archaeology South-East, sponsored by English Heritage and IfA. Please contact us for more information.


The CAA is intermittently able to offer internships to students from UCL. These are flexible, unpaid positions that will introduce the student to a range of heritage and archaeology related assignments. Please contact us for more information.

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