UCL Careers


What do UCL graduates do?​

"UCL students make a massive contribution to their community, with many playing a proactive role in their local areas and others demonstrating UCL’s entrepreneurial spirit." (London Economics, 2022)

  • Our graduates overwhelmingly leave UCL with improved career prospects, job-related skills, general skills and better well-being. (London Economics report, 2022)​
  • 90.4% of our graduates are in work or study 15 months after finishing their degrees, with 70% employed in highly skilled work, and 14% furthering their studies at a higher level (Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2022)​
  • Every year hundreds of UCL graduates secure professionally accredited jobs, such as teachers, architects, engineers, pharmacists and medics
  • The NHS is the largest public sector employer of our graduates. Apart from UCL, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial are the main destinations of UCL graduates who decide to pursue further university study
  • In the private sector, the largest employers of UCL graduates are PWC, Deloitte, and Ernst and Young
  • Many UCL graduates go on to develop their own successful businesses or social enterprise