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Transcript: Future Talk Trailer

Future Talk by the UCL Careers Podcast features frank conversations with industry professionals about their career journey and how they’ve gotten to where they are as well as their valuable insights about different industries they’ve been part of. These discussions will offer students and graduates an in-depth look at varying journeys and how careers don’t have to be limited to one path only.  In this episode, staff members of the Engineering Careers Team share about why they have created the upcoming series and what listeners can look forward to.  

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Dimitrios Zachos, Lee Pike, Alice Moon, Amy Lourenco, Lucy Ayliffe, Hannah Posner.

Amy Lourenco  00:05

Hi everyone, this is UCL Careers Podcast Future Talk. My name is Amy Lourenco, Senior Careers Consultant at UCL. On this podcast which is powered by UCL Minds, we will be talking with professionals in different sectors about their career journeys and insights in relation to employability topics. This series is packed with guests who are change makers and innovators in their respective industries, and was created by the engineering careers team to help our students and graduates find out more about various professional experiences. Each episode will have a guest who will share their professional insights and provide valuable information relating to careers. The episodes will be available on Spotify, Apple podcast, and SoundCloud on a weekly basis. This is a trailer episode to help you get to know the team behind this exciting new podcast at UCL and share with you some things you can look forward to and expect. We are very excited to launch this upcoming series and I'm delighted to be joined by my colleagues on the engineering careers team who can share a bit more about their roles, and their thoughts on how you can best utilize the information you gain from these episodes. So joining me today are Hannah, Alice, Dimitrios, Lucy and Lee. We are part of a dedicated team at UCL careers who work to provide career guidance to engineering students and graduates of up to three years, as well as supporting you in connecting with employers, and highlighting internships and graduate role opportunities. Please note that while we mainly work with engineering students, this podcast series is not limited only to careers in engineering and we welcome listeners across all academic and professional backgrounds. So we'll get to know the team and let's start with you, Hannah.

Hannah Posner  01:41

Hi, good morning, Amy. Yeah, so my name is Hannah, and I'm the engineering careers team manager. And so my role is to coordinate the team and I'm also a careers consultant as well.

Alice Moon  01:53

Hi, I'm Alice. I'm a careers consultant in the team. And I work directly with students and graduates helping them move forward with all aspects of their career thinking, such as making decisions, building confidence, and making really strong applications. I do this by offering one to one meetings and group workshops. I also work closely with academics in departments to facilitate in course careers learning.

Lee Pike  02:18

Hi, I'm Lee. I'm a career consultant. And I deliver workshops on a variety of careers related topics. And I have one to 1:1 minute guidance sessions with students and graduates, which can be about anything careers related, as well as running one hour mock interviews to help students feel better prepared for the real interviews.

Dimitrios Zachos  02:37

Hi, I'm Dimitrios, I'm the employer engagement and events officer for the team. My role involves talking to employers that are interested in recruiting from UCL and work with them to organize a series of networking Industry Insight and skill sessions and events.

Lucy Ayliffe  02:55

Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm the student engagement officer for the engineering careers team. I'm also the newest member of the team. I've been here about a year now. And my role is really varied. I work closely with the team on various projects to help with student engagement. And I also manage all of our communications, which includes our weekly newsletter, and I manage our social media accounts. If you're on Instagram, I'd really encourage you to go and check us out give us a follow @UCLEngineeringCareers

Amy Lourenco  03:26

Thank you everyone. So we really wanted to create a podcast series where students could gain valuable insight about professional experiences, particularly during these uncertain times. So what do you all hope students can take away from these episodes and how might it help inform that understanding of careers? We'll start with you, Lee.

Lee Pike  03:44

Thanks, Amy. I'm hoping that by listening from graduates who have gone through what they're going through, students will learn that no matter how tough things get, it will work out in the end.

Dimitrios Zachos  03:58

So this podcast was created in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and is in addition to our existing online events and activities. So when to support our students with their career decisions making and planning for the future to the best of our ability. We want to help you overcome any challenges posed by the current situation by providing you with insights from the employer point of view.

Lucy Ayliffe  04:26

I agree with Lee and Dimitrios, and we have some amazing guests coming up and I'm really excited to hear the episodes. I hope people listening will feel uplifted and inspired by the topics covered in our podcast.

Amy Lourenco  04:39

Thank you all. The series will cover episodes relating to a particular recruitment topics such as applications and interviews. Is there a particular one you're looking forward to and why don't we start with you this time, Hannah?

Hannah Posner  04:51

Thanks, Amy. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the applications episodes. And and that's because the application is really the first thing an employee will see about you. So it's really important to make a good first impression. And so I think some insights from from our panelists about what makes a good application, it can be really, really helpful.

Lucy Ayliffe  05:10

I'm looking forward to our episode about professional rejection. We all face professional rejection, at some point in our jobs, even if it's to do with not getting an interview, or maybe not being offered a promotion that we feel we've worked really hard and that we deserve. And I feel like sometimes people don't talk about it. But it's really important to remember it's not personal. And as Oprah Winfrey says, There's no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.

Lee Pike  05:40

I'm looking forward to the podcast about interviews. Interviews can be nerve wrecking, so hearing firsthand from people who have gone through the process, hearing what their preparation was, what the experience was like, and their coping mechanisms will be invaluable. hearing how interview questions are mostly predictable and how to structure answers to them will help students become better prepared.

Dimitrios Zachos  06:04

I'm looking forward to the episode about networking. Networking, whether at like live events, or platforms like LinkedIn, is your chance to raise your profile, build your confidence, gain more insight, knowledge, and answers to the questions, get carried support and advice, get access to job opportunities and advance your career. So basically, don't miss the podcast that focuses networking and get ahead of the game.

Alice Moon  06:33

For me, I'm really looking forward to hearing from businesses and organizations. Looking forward to getting insights from them about what they're working on, how they operate, and what's changing for them, and how they're evolving. And crucially, hearing from them, what qualities and experiences they look for in candidates when they're hiring, and the actions that our students and our graduates can be taking now to make sure that they're in the best position to get hired. I'm also really excited that we have Amy presenting the podcast series.

Amy Lourenco  07:02

Thanks, Alice. I'm excited to be hosting. I've been listening to a lot more podcast during lockdown, so it'll be really good taste one. And thank you all for your insights and glad we got Oprah Winfrey quote in there as well. So thank you all to my colleagues for sharing my thoughts about our upcoming podcasts and of course, our audience for tuning into a special episode. We hope you're looking forward to the series as much as we are. Please do keep an eye out for the episodes which will be launched shortly on audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple podcast and SoundCloud. Thanks for listening.