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Please note: you can gain an overview of a range of job sectors by accessing our library of event recordings including many from our Researcher Careers Programme.

Lecturer - greek and latin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - surgical and orthopaedic research

Research Fellow - electrical engineering

Lecturer - historical and philosophical sciences

Lecturer - history

Lecturer and Research Fellow - anthropology

Lecturer - medical sciences

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - biochemical and biophysical research

Postdoctoral Researcher - engineering

Postdoctoral Researcher - epidemiology and public health

Research Fellow - public health

Postdoctoral Research Assistant - psychology and language sciences

Lecturer - cultural anthropology

Lecturer - mathematical and physical sciences

Research Associate - archaeology

Senior Researcher - physics

Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer - natural environment research

Senior Teaching Fellow

Lecturer - architecture

Research Associate and Postdoctoral Researcher - ophthalmology

Research Fellow - neuroimaging

Clinical Lecturer Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant

Lecturer - engineering

Postdoctoral Researcher - arts and humanities

Researcher - mental health

Research Associate - facilities and environment management

Head Lecturer - anthropology

Postdoctoral Research Associate - life science

Temporary Lecturer and Teaching Fellow

Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant - oral medicine

Researcher - physics

Postdoctoral Researcher - high energy physics

Postdoctoral Research Assistant - NASA

Research Fellow - history of science

Professor - physiology