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Advertise graduate level opportunities in the UK or abroad to UCL students, researchers and recent graduates, including internships, insight days and permanent roles by posting a vacancy on myUCLCareers.

There will be no charge to reach our community of up to 40,000 students and even more graduates. If you want to target your vacancy to students/graduates in specific subject areas or year groups you can do that too.

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  • Ensure your vacancy meets UK National Minimum Wage legislation*
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*If the opportunity is outside of the UK it must meet the labour legislation for the country concerned.

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Host a UCL intern

UCL Careers work with UK and overseas organisations to promote internships and placements in a number of ways. You can find details of all of our schemes below. We look forward to working with you.

Benefits of hosting a UCL intern:

  • Support on a particular project or business initiative that you would like to progress at your organisation
  • Fresh ways of thinking, up to date skills and specialist knowledge developed at a top global institution
  • Raising awareness of your organisation at UCL
  • Professional development for staff members who are allocated as intern supervisors
  • A pipeline of future talent into your organisation
  • If you are UCL alumni, an ongoing connection to the university and contributing to the development of current students' skillset
  • For overseas organisations, English language skills, particularly useful for organisations looking to develop or expand operations in English speaking countries
  • For overseas organisations, providing students with experience in a culture that may be new to them and developing their global mindset

Global Internships Programme

UCL has a diverse student population, with over 150 nationalities represented on campus and 15,000 of our students coming from outside of the UK. You can recruit a globally-minded student for your organisation as part of our Global Internships Programme.

This exciting initiative aims to connect UCL students and overseas organisations for high-quality summer internships. You can increase a student’s global skillset and employability, whilst benefiting from an international perspective and new ways of thinking.

I have noting but good things to say about this programme! From their pre-selection to their follow-up processes, UCL has been nothing but professional and effective. We absolutely loved working with UCL and we will continue this partnership in the future!" Campus Moragete, Spain (2019 host organisation)

Full details about the 2020 programme can be found in our Information Pack including timings and reasons to get involved. Whether you’re a large or small company, and if you’ve hosted lots of interns previously or none at all, we are keen to hear from you.

By working with UCL Careers you can expect a dedicated contact to talk through your internship opportunity and support with marketing it to UCL students free of charge. In return, you will be expected to provide a meaningful, developmental opportunity for the intern and offer some form of compensation (such as a salary or other financial benefits).

Please read the Global Internships Programme terms of engagement, which you will need to agree to if your opportunity is part of the programme.

From 1st January 2021 if you receive or process data outside of the UK you will need to sign this agreement in order for us to send you student applications.

You will also need to complete a Health & Safety checklist, which you can find below, before we can advertise your internship.
Health & Safety checklist


Please email globalinternships@ucl.ac.uk for more information.

PhD/Post-Doc Level internships.

If you have an internship vacancy suitable for PhD/Post-Doc researchers, we would particularly like to hear from you and will prioritise promoting these vacancies.  If you wish, we can restrict these opportunities just to these levels of students, so that you are targeting those who are highly skilled in data collection, analysis, making recommendations and problem-solving.  Internships can be of any duration and up to 12 months and can be either full or part-time.


If you would like to discuss this further, please email Sylwia Wasiak-Rakowska: s.wasiak@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Support

We have dedicated support for the following programmes:

  • BSc Management Science course is an analytical programme with students using a variety of tools to solve management problems in data-driven companies. Please contact Shak Chowdhury: s.chowdhury@ucl.ac.uk for more information.
  • Engineering Faculty offers recruitment opportunities for a variety of students from our nine engineering departments. Our students think, make, model, design, analyse, challenge, innovate, and practice what they've learned by tackling engaging projects that address real-world problems.  Please email Careers Engineering: careers.engineering@ucl.ac.uk to discuss.

Further queries

If you have opportunities for students from other programmes or any other queries around internships or placements please email employers@ucl.ac.uk

Casual and volunteer work

At UCL, the Students' Union also provide services for recruiters looking to target current students.


This is an online jobs board which is more focussed on advertising casual/part-time/ temporary work or holiday jobs which students can fit around their studies.

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Volunteering Services Unit

VSU, are always looking for interesting new volunteering roles that are suitable for UCL students. They currently have partnerships with over 500 not-for-profit organisations and statutory agencies. Most have opportunities based in Central London.

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UCL Careers Extra Summer Internship Scheme 2022-23

We are delighted to announce the launch of the UCL Careers Extra Summer Internships Scheme 2022-23. Thanks to a generous donation from one of our alumni we are providing funding opportunities for up to two UCL Careers Extra student or graduate interns to work with your organisation during Summer 2023 (June to September)

UCL Careers Extra students are all UK undergraduates from under-represented groups so hosting a Careers Extra intern can support the diversity goals of your organisation. You can find out more about Careers Extra here.

How will I benefit as an employer?

  • You are provided with funding to host up to two UCL Careers Extra student or graduate interns
  • Each student/graduate will work with you for 140 hours full time (four weeks at a maximum of 35 hours per week) on a project or projects designed both to be of value to your organisation and to enhance the student’s skills
  • Internships can also be offered part-time over a longer duration as an alternative, but must be completed by 15 September 2023
  • Your intern can support you with a project or business development initiative that will move your organisation forward
  • Your intern will provide you with fresh perspectives and bring new talent to your organisation
  • Hosting a UCL Careers Extra student can support the diversity goals of your organisation


To participate in this scheme your organisation must be:

Registered and based in the UK
Your organisation must be registered and/or trading in the UK to be eligible for the scheme

Either a Charity/Social Enterprise (CIC) or SME
We define SMEs as having 250 or fewer employees and an annual turnover below $50 million

Able to provide the intern with a desk or space at which to work
We consider that an in-person internship is most beneficial to students but the work project(s) can be partially virtual

Able to provide support and supervision to an intern
Students will bring many skills but the internship scheme is designed also to support them in acquiring or enhancing additional skills that will be valuable for their careers. It is therefore required that interns are allocated support and regular supervision to maximise their learning.

Offering an internship exclusively to a UCL student or graduate who is not:

  • A current/previous paid employee/intern
  • A shareholder of the business
  • A relative to the owner(s)/director(s)


Payment to Intern
The interns on this scheme must be paid the London Living Wage (£11.95 per hour) via your payroll. Companies will then invoice UCL for the funding amount once the internship is completed. UCL will fund the full cost for charities and social enterprises (CIC) of 140 hours’ pay at LLW and will fund 50% for SMEs.

Places on this scheme are limited and in assessing proposals we will look for internships which offer students a range of learning opportunities with clear support and supervision, and which cover skills students have identified as important to them. These include:
Analysing data/statistical analysis

  • Writing up reports
  • Working to a brief
  • Technical skills – excel and coding
  • Presenting/public speaking
  • Working with/for clients
  • Dealing with financial documents/processes/concepts

Students are keen to undertake hands-on projects which involve interacting with a range of employees at different levels and/or departments within the organisation.

We also aim to offer students internships in a variety of sectors, which will be taken into account when selecting internships for inclusion in the scheme.

Get involved

To receive more details about participating in this scheme, please email careers.extra@ucl.ac.uk to request a meeting and information.

Advertising to other universities

UCL Careers is part of The Careers Group, University of London which means you can also use your myUCLCareers account to "share" opportunities advertised at UCL with other universities within The Careers Group at no cost.

Third party recruitment

For indirect third-party recruiters, (such as agencies), there will be a charge of £159 (+VAT) for advertising any vacancy.

Vacancies will need to be posted with and approved by our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London rather than advertising directly on the myUCLCareers jobs board above.

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Additional queries

If you have any further questions about advertising, please contact us by phone on 020 3549 5926 or email us