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How the bursary helped

Previous bursary holders describe how the bursary helped them.

"The bursary helped me because I wasn’t being paid for this experience and the bursary made it possible to do it even though it didn’t cover all the costs of living here." 2nd year Philosophy student
"The bursary provided financial motivation to complete the placement and allowed me to work on the placement without having to worry about financial stress." 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student
"Having the bursary made me more comfortable with accepting the internship (which was unpaid) rather than having to find something less relevant to my degree." 2nd year PPE student
"This bursary made a huge difference to me as it covered a large chunk of my rent while taking on the internship. Without this bursary I would have struggled to focus on the internship as I would have to work as a bartender alongside a 9-5 job, so having this bursary took a lot of stress out of the equation." 3rd year Psychology student
"The bursary made a huge difference – I don’t know what I would have done without it.  It just made it possible.  I had made sure to have saved but it made it not so scary checking the bank balance.  It also made the experience more beneficial because of being able to concentrate on the work and not be stressed about money." 2nd year Molecular Biology student
"The bursary has helped me with my living expenses (e.g. food and accommodation) and the travel cost to my placement. I would not have gained this invaluable experience that cannot be obtained from my degree programme." 2nd year Applied Medical Sciences student
"Without the bursary I would have been unable to pay for my travel costs, and would have struggled with food expenses." Engineering and Architectural Design student
"The bursary over the summer, a time when one would normally have to work (shorter still as a medical student) was vital in ensuring I was able to balance everything and remain financially stable. Thank you!" 5th year Medical student