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Working in a Global World 1: What Adjustments Does it Require?

22 November 2023, 2:00 pm–6:00 pm

Students sitting outside in a green space at UCL.

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Catherine Casale


188 Tottenham Court Road

Do you know which soft skill 69% of hiring managers say is the most important they screen for? Do you know how that is relevant to global working? Attend this workshop to find out.

Whether you are working in the country of your upbringing, or elsewhere in the world, we operate in a global marketplace. Even if you are living and working in your own country many of your colleagues may hail from other cultures or be based on another continent. How does this mash of cultures, languages, and time zones affect your performance?  

This interactive session is composed of three parts:

  1. Raising your awareness of any unexamined assumptions you may hold for yourself or others about cultural adaptation;
  2. Examining careers know-how in a global context;
  3. Creating an action plan for how to become more culturally fluent.  Bicultural skills are about more than language (although that is a necessary start)!

Don't attend if you want instant answers.

Do attend if you want to start learning how to approach one of the most urgent problems of our times.  How do we work respectfully and effectively with people whose values and beliefs are different from our own?