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UCL Students Shine at the targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards 2023

Read about the success of UCL students at this year's targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards.

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1 June 2023

The targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards is an annual competition aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK, with each award category partnered with a prominent graduate recruiter providing the winners with paid internships, trips abroad and other exclusive opportunities.

This year UCL saw a total of SEVEN finalists across the award categories and one dazzling winner in the Construction, Engineering & Environment category.

We’re so pleased to congratulate the following students:

Anna Musial (Civil Engineering) – winner – Construction, Engineering & Environment Undergraduate of the Year

Ronnie Langerman (Civil, Geomatic and Environmental Engineering) – finalist – Construction, Engineering & Environment Undergraduate of the Year

Aldrie Chandradinata (EE Engineering) – finalist –  First Generation Undergraduate of the Year

Linge (Grace) Guo (Sociology) – finalist –  First Generation Undergraduate of the Year

Imogen Canell (Natural Sciences: Astrophysics with Geophysics) – finalist –  Female Undergraduate of the Year

Sur Agrawal (Mathematics) – finalist –  Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year

Yao Siang Brendon Koh (Geography with Social Data Science) – finalist –  Management Undergraduate of the Year

Keyi Xong (Mathematics with Economics)  – finalist – Maths, Physics & Economics Undergraduate of the Year.

Here’s what our brilliant students had to share on their outstanding submissions and experience of the awards…

UCL student Anna Musial.
“The application process for the Target Jobs Undergraduate Award provided me with valuable experience and helped me envision my engineering career path. Being nominated felt like a significant achievement. At the award event, I had the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and motivated students, creating a memorable experience. Winning the award will always be a highlight of my university journey, underscoring my academic efforts. Now, I've begun my internship with AECOM, a company known for its excellence and innovation. I'm excited to explore the company on a leadership level and work with the Facade Engineering Team. The award has opened doors and set me on a path towards a successful professional career and made me eager to contribute and make a meaningful impact in the engineering field.”- Anna Musial

UCL student Ronnie Langerman.
“I found out about the Undergraduate of the Year Awards from a mailing list from targetjobs and decided to apply as it seemed like a great opportunity to gain a summer placement in my field. The application process was straightforward and easy and did not take much time. Although I did not end up winning, the finals gave me a great opportunity to network with people in different industries and connect with students that have similar aspirations and determination. I would highly recommend applying to any student as there is nothing to lose and so much to gain from this experience.” – Ronnie Langerman

UCL student Aldrie Chandradinata.
“Taking part in the First Generation Undergraduate of the Year Award has been a significant and valuable experience that has aided in my career preparation. The application process was very comprehensive, and it allowed me to gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. The assessment centre exercise, in particular, was an excellent opportunity to hone your analytical and report-writing abilities. The award ceremony was undoubtedly a highlight of the experience, as I had the chance to connect with like-minded peers and hear about their incredible journeys. Meeting recruiters from various companies was incredibly beneficial as it provided me with valuable insights into their candidate requirements and job application strategies.” - Aldrie Chandradinata

UCL student Linge (Grace) Guo.
"The final round of applications was a best effort process. When I entered the online meetings in the final round of the award application, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved. I feel I am around the same people that are thriving and achieving.  As a first-generation international student with a single family background, I have experienced the disturbances in my family environment and limitations in my choice of life paths. I was not expected to be a "top student" nor was I invested throughout elementary and middle school like they were. However, I tried to experience new things, broaden my horizons, and develop new limits. I have been lucky because of the support of my family in my education, the courage of my friends, and the appreciation of my abilities from my teachers. This award is worth applying for and it gives me the confidence to believe in the best of myself." - Linge (Grace) Guo

UCL student Imogen Canell.
“I first heard about the awards in November, and decided to give it a go because I knew the application process would be a great way to challenge myself, especially my application writing and interview skills. Being invited to the ceremony as a Top 10 finalist for the Female Undergraduate of the Year award was a surprising, but very welcome bonus! The day itself was incredible, and it was so inspiring to meet the other finalists and hear about their stories and experiences. To any potential future applicants, my main advice would be to just go for it! It’s such a great opportunity to practice a grad-scheme style application and reflect on everything you’ve achieved. No matter how far you progress in the awards it is a rewarding accomplishment, and if you do decide to apply in the future, I wish you the very best of luck.” - Imogen Canell

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