UCL Career Frameworks


Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Career Frameworks

Can everyone use the Frameworks?

The information within the Framework should apply whether you are based centrally or are based in Departments, Faculties or elsewhere in UCL. If your line manager is not an expert in your specialism this Framework should help them to support you, so do make sure they are aware of it.

How is this different to a job description?

The Career Frameworks do not provide job descriptions. The information they contain relates to skills and experience found in people at different levels working within professional job families. A job description describes a full and rounded job, listing tasks and responsibilities. In contrast, the Career Frameworks describe typical activities and skills at a high level, with the expectation that certain roles might cross one or more job families.

How does this work with job evaluations?

The Career Frameworks should not be used to support job regrading activity and any grading requests should follow the established process. Any benchmarking for grading purposes should be against a generic job description in the job description database. Please speak to your HR Business Partner for further clarification.

What if I belong to more than one job family?

It would not be at all surprising if you belong to more than one of the job families. Individual jobs can often cover more than one professional area. You can draw on the information in any of the job families to support you to develop in this professional area of your role.

Why are career frameworks being developed and how has this been produced? 

Mapping Career Frameworks across different professional areas helps provide consistent and transparent expectations of how careers work at UCL. They help align the way we talk about experience, skills and development, supporting staff by providing the key career information they need – all in one place.

The UCL Career Frameworks project is in line with the TOPS vision to create an environment in which our staff can personally develop and fulfil their potential and the TOPS aim to provide more fulfilling careers for staff. 
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