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Research Data Analyst

Si Ning Yeoh, IOE Research Development Team.

Si Ning Yeoh

As the Research Data Analyst in the IOE Research Development team, I develop, optimise and maintain IOE’s research information systems, provide key support for IOE’s research development initiatives, and manage the data and processes around IOE’s preparations for the Research Excellence Framework submission. 

Prior to UCL, I was a Research Data Manager at Natcen Social Research. This role provided me with a firm understanding of data governance through the research lifecycle. When I joined UCL late 2018, I relied heavily on this understanding to tackle the interesting challenges of my role. 

One of these key challenges has been to set up a dependable, single source of truth on data related to the IOE and beyond. It is vitally important that we understand how our various data-hosting platforms and processes link to each other, to ensure that we can be confident in our data’s integrity and consistency for its reliable use in reporting and decision-making. 

The Data and Insight Community of Practice (CoP) has been helpful in this endeavour by allowing me to connect with data professionals across UCL. As a core member of this CoP, I’ve had the opportunity to co-lead a project to map out the data skills landscape in UCL and set up resources to promote data skills development. 

My advice to colleagues would be – experiment! Join new networks, try new best practices, and learn new skills. I’ve recently became a core member of the Project and Programme Management CoP as well, which has provided fresh new opportunities to improve ways of working and participate in interesting projects.