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Institute Deputy Manager and Human Resources Lead

Sydonnie Hyman, Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care

Sydonnie Hyman

My role as Institute Deputy Manager and Human Resources Lead at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care is multi-functional. As HR Lead, I lead on enabling the full employee lifecycle across IEHC, delivering on all aspects of Human Resources for all staff categories. As Deputy Institute Manager, I provide research department specific administrative management for Epidemiology and Public Health as well as deputise for the Institute Manager.
Working at UCL has been a positively challenging and rewarding experience. I started the most recent leg of my HR career at the Faculty of Laws in the capacity of HR Administrator in 2016. As the Faculty expanded so did the need for further support. Over a period of 12 months, my role rapidly developed into an HR management role. Following the stabilisation of HR Operations within the faculty, the assistance of a fantastic team, I was keen on taking on a more advisory role. I successfully explored secondment as a way of preparing for my next career move. I have since applied for the substantive role and have secured what is now my current post. 

My transition over the last 3 years has been from HR Administrator to HR Officer to Senior HR Officer to Institute Deputy Manager and Human Resources Lead. Of course these transitions were supported through professional and management training and development courses as well as leadership support from mentors, managers and other HR Professionals. 
I wanted to explore my potential and develop new skills to deliver a better service professionally. My passion is people. Why? Because people are at the heart and the core of every organisation and UCL is no exception. At the core of this global institution is the eclectic partnership of our students, staff, collaborators and stakeholders.  The stakeholder scope is so wide that you could collaborate across multiple continents in less than a day. We work with some of the greatest minds internationally; so to be able to contribute to world changing research through HR is a bonus. 
In terms of my personal development, networking, mentors, supportive colleagues, HR Communities of Practice have fostered a genuine culture shift at UCL; I also take responsibility for my learning. There has been a real spotlight on the development of professional services staff which has redefined the 'career pathways'; pun intended. This has synergistically opened avenues for professional services staff to develop their careers at UCL; either in a specific discipline or generalist way. The complexity of UCL can be quite a challenge but it is also one of the reasons we are a leading global institution. 

UCL has supported my career development as an HR Professional through assisting with supporting my MSc in Human Resource Development and Consultancy (MCIPD); as well as leadership opportunities such as leading projects, leading a team, working on strategic committees and through multifaceted training opportunities e.g. shadowing, coaching, online courses, etc.
Believe in yourself and be intentional about your development. Take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. There is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and support available at UCL. Maximise your appraisal sessions which should include discussions around you and your career development. Participate in conferences, workshops and activities that will help you to develop skills and building new working relationships. Managers, mentors and coaches can be very influential in your career journey as they are in mine. Their expertise, guidance and support has contributed to my confidence and professional experience. Finally, develop and nurture relationships beyond your department, discipline and team; it yields new skills, better working relationship, improves processes, bolters organisational citizenship and adds value to your UCL experience and career.