UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Research Department of Population Science and Experimental Medicine 

The Research Department of Population Science and Experimental Medicine comprises clinicians and scientists with expertise in various aspects of cardiometabolic disease and aging. It includes the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL  -  the home of the National Survey of Health and Development (the 1946 Birth Cohort). Activities in the department range from discovery science, through detailed cardiometabolic phenotyping to influencing policy. Research on-going in the department includes the investigation of genetic variation influencing risk of disease, causal mechanisms responsible for cardiometabolic disease and drug target validation using genetic approaches, characterization of cardiometabolic phenotypes in the population and their relationship to exposures over the life course, the identification of biological and social factors affecting lifelong health, aging and chronic disease risk, and research in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, with particular expertise in early and later phase clinical trials. 

Our Department include the following Groups: