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Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies Competition

  • The Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies (CACAO) is a multi-institution competition for teams of undergraduate students around the world to improve GO annotation of genes.
  • Manual annotation is a time-consuming and costly process, requiring trained curators. With this in mind, the CACAO competition (developed and organised by Texas A&M University) trains large numbers of undergrads in GO annotation, within a friendly and fun, competitive environment. 
  • CACAO teaches students how to read scientific literature and make correct, high-quality annotations. In CACAO, student teams get points for making correct annotations, but can also 'steal' points from competing teams for spotting incorrect annotations.

UCL entrants into previous CACAO competition rounds are listed below:

 Amy Hong Autumn 2010
 Athina Dritsoula Autumn 2010
 Dipali Patel Autumn 2010
 Louisa Steel Autumn 2010
 Coralea Stephanou Autumn 2010
 Sejal Patel Autumn 2011
 Caroline Smith Autumn 2011
 Tamieka Whyte Autumn 2011
 Hessa Almasoud Autumn 2011