UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


July 2018


Editor - Ruth Lovering


10 year summary as an infographic

This is the last Cardiovascular-focused Newsletter as our funding from the British Heart Foundation has come to an end. We are very grateful for the support we have received from the BHF and hope that in future, with additional funding, we can continue to focus on the annotation of cardiovascular processes. From now on our quarterly newsletter will focus on the acheivements of the whole team, currently supported by Alzheimer's Research UK.

To celebrate the acheivements of the last 10 years Rachael has created an infographic summary (below).

Other news


We would also like to say goodbye and thank you to Nancy Campbell, who left the group in May and is now working with Healx, we wish her best of luck in this new post.


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Meetings attended

This year Ruth has attended several meetings organised by the Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for the Knowledge Commons, in Ljubliana, Cambridge and Graz as well as giving a presentation in Nicosia at the SIMDAS and Vi-SEEM Workshop: Data Management and Semantic Structures for Cross-disciplinary Reaserch in the SEEM Region.

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