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Computer model reveals how early-stage skin cancer can stay 'invisible' to immune cells 

Research led by Jasmin Fisher and Clare Bennett shows how melanomas can grow undetected by the body’s immune system, with findings offering a way to identify novel drug combinations to treat the disease.

UCL News (May 2023)

Jasmin Fisher Lab and Promatix to accelerate hunt for oncology therapeutics

UCL Fisher Lab and London-based oncology drug discovery development company, Promatix, announce collaboration to develop new proprietary computational executable cancer models for Promatix’s CipherPro suite of algorithms to mine the TxPro databank and identify new oncology drug targets.
(October 2022)

Cancer computer models identify new drug combinations to treat Covid-19

By adapting computer models originally developed to understand the biology of cancer cells, UCL scientists have identified new drug combinations with the potential to treat severe cases of Covid-19 infection at different stages of the disease

UCL News (February 2022)

Cancer vs. the machine: how to personalise treatment using computing power

Jasmin Fisher is reverse engineering cancer, in order to fight it.
Wired (March 2, 2017)

How Microsoft wants to 'solve cancer' using computer science

Jasmin Fisher and colleagues are trying to think about cancer in the same way computer scientists think about computer programs.
CNN Tech (September 20, 2016)

Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukaemia drugs

Computer models help gain a better understanding of the control mechanisms that keep blood production normal
Health Canal (February 12, 2015), 

Cambridge Team Builds Transcription Regulatory Network Model from Single-cell Expression Data

A team led by researchers at the University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research has combined gene expression profiles from single cells with computational approaches to build a model of transcription factor networks in early blood cell development.
GenomeWeb (February 9, 2015)

Making Sense of a Complex Situation

Today, Fisher is considered a world leader in a rapidly growing field of biological research in which computational models are the impetus for new discoveries.
Weizmann Institute Magazine (February 24, 2013)