UCL Brand



UCL works with many types of partners in a host of different ways. It is in the interests of all parties to be represented properly and for the relationship to be clear in the minds of your audiences.

When we work with partners, the way we use our combined branding depends on the weight of balance in the relationship. 

Scenario 1: UCL as a lead partner

This is the most common partnership type at UCL, for example, a funding body needs to be credited by adding their logo, or when projects have been undertaken with help from another organisation.  

Use the UCL banner at the top of the communications, and place any partner logos in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Co-branding layout example

Scenario 2: UCL as an equal partner

This type of partnership is usually for research projects when more than one university is involved. When UCL is an equal partner, use the standalone logo.

Please note:

We do not permit the UCL logo to be used to endorse our suppliers' services.

Place each logo side by side, side and at approximately the same size.  

Arrange the logos on a horizontal axis, side by side, or alternatively, stack them one above the other. Allow sufficient, equal space between the logos, and size at approximately the same size. 

UCL and partners logos example side-by-side on horizontal axis

Wherever possible, place the UCL logo in the right-hand corner. 

Co-branding example - UCL as equal partner

Scenario 3: UCL as a minor or participant partner

The lead partner will be provided with the UCL logo in .eps (for print) or .png format (for screen) at sufficient resolution. Do not use .jpegs or UCL logos found online as they can be of poor quality.

The lead partner will use their visual identity and place the UCL logo appropriately. 

If you are the lead partner, please send a copy of the communications to your UCL contact, so they can ensure that the UCL brand has been used correctly and in a way that reflects well on UCL.

Co-branding example - UCL as minor partner or alongside multiple partners

Please note:

We do not permit the UCL logo to be used to endorse our suppliers' services.

Internal co-branding

For internal communications, for example, if you're working on a student-led event or an event with academics from different departments, and need some co-branded communications, always use the UCL banner as the base for your design.

The UCL standalone logo/department lockup logos are for partnerships with third-party organisations.

If you need some advice or would like your design reviewed, please contact the Brand team.