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Specialist training

As leaders in both research and education, the Faculty of Brain Sciences can provide highly tailored courses to meet the specific training and development needs of an organisation or group of learners

From high-density subject or policy briefings through to continuing professional development and specialist technical training, our academic rigour combined with practitioner insight means we are uniquely placed to design a cutting-edge, high-quality experience, customised for your learners.

The truth behind neuromarketing
Neuromarketing workshop: fun with an MRI

Many market research and advertising agencies don’t use neuroscience techniques routinely so can lack an in-depth understanding of how these techniques really work. Course directors Dr Joe Devlin and John Hogan (from UCL's Department of Experimental Psychology) found they were regularly being approached by companies asking about the truth behind neuromarketing so they decided to create a course that explores and assesses the true scientific worth behind the recent trend of neuromarketing.

Read the learner perspective story and find out full details of the neuromarketing workshops on the UCL Life Learning website. 

Summer Course in English Phonetics, improving our perception of pronunciation
Summer School in English Phonetics: Students practicing mouth sounds with Geoff Lindsey

Being able to pronounce English with greater control isn’t just a challenge for non-native English speakers: English speakers can also benefit. For example, those wanting to work in broadcasting or performance e.g. actors and singers, English teachers who want to improve their own teaching of pronunciation, or those who want to modify their accent for whatever reason. There are many motivations.

UCL Life Learning compares the experiences of two different types of teacher who took part in the Summer School in English Phonetics. 

Read the learner perspective story and find out full details about the Summer School in English Phonetics on the UCL Life Learning website.