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The truth behind neuromarketing

UCL is one of the world’s top neuroscience centres. In this course, our academics cut through the hype about neuromarketing, revealing its opportunities and complexities.


7 January 2021

At the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences, we’re leaders in research and education. We share our expertise through our specialist courses. These highly tailored courses can deliver comprehensive subject or policy briefings, continuing professional development or specialist technical training.

A case in point is our consumer neuroscience workshop. Consumer neuroscience - also known as neuromarketing - studies the brain to understand consumer behaviour. Companies regularly approached UCL wanting an in-depth understanding of how neuromarketing techniques work. In response, Dr Joe Devlin and John Hogan (UCL Department of Experimental Psychology) designed the course to show the real scientific value of neuromarketing.

The two-day course benefits businesses such as market research agencies, brands, PR firms and advertising agencies. As well as theory and discussion, it provides practical experience of neuromarketing methodologies including eye tracking, implicit attitude testing, biometrics and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). There’s also the chance to participate in an MRI scanner session in UCL’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Will Headley from System1 Group, a global market research company specialising in behavioural science, shared his experience of the workshop: “The knowledge we gained from this course has given us more confidence in the advice we give and eliminated the doubts we had. It has reinforced some of our previous knowledge and reassured us on some aspects, but also revealed some things we didn’t know.”

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