Brain Sciences



We will develop new models of care, working with our hospital and primary care partners.

There is an urgent need to support patients and carers

We investigate the particular challenges faced by people with dementia and build on this knowledge with research that improves the lives and clinical care of people with dementia and their carers.

Dementia awareness in hospitals

UCL researchers have played important roles in documenting the surprisingly high incidence of undiagnosed dementia in emergency admissions to hospital, as well as their very poor experience in hospital and markedly worse survival. The findings are having practical impact, underpinning a training programme across UCL associated hospitals to ensure sites are better prepared to care for people with dementia. 

Carer stress

UCL research has also raised the important issue of carer stress. A framework to improve carers' coping strategy has been shown in a clinical trial to reduce the toll of caring on mental health. In addition, strong evidence has been generated that cognitive stimulation therapy can have significant benefits to patients. The programme is widely used in the UK and many other countries.

Support Groups

We are involved in a number of support groups that provide information and support to people with rare forms of dementia, and their families, friends and healthcare professionals.