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UCL’s flagship MSc is helping to meet the global dementia challenge

Find out how UCL is helping to meet the global dementia challenge by training the next generation of dementia researchers.

UCL’s flagship Dementia MSc is helping to meet the global dementia challenge by focusing our world-leading research and expertise in dementia prevention, diagnosis and treatment to inspire and train the next generation of researcher and practitioners in this field.

The Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research MSc is offered jointly by the Division of Psychiatry and Queen Square Institute of Neurology. It provides research-oriented and cutting-edge training in the study of dementia and its scientific basis and is led by international leaders in the science and practice of dementia. Two specialised pathways, in mental health and in neuroscience, are offered.

The course emphasises active student participation and enquiry, develops practical skills, and offers unparalleled exposure to laboratories and patients.


The neuroscience pathway brings the latest bench-top research findings to the bedside, develops and integrates basic and clinical neuroscience skills, and equips students for future careers in the clinical practice or basic neuroscience of dementia.

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Mental Health

The mental health pathway focuses on equipping students with advanced knowledge of the prevention, detection and management of the dementias using epidemiological, psychosocial and clinical trial approaches, and is aimed at graduates wishing to explore or begin a research career in dementia.

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This unique programme will equip graduates with in-depth knowledge of dementia diseases and their treatments, and strong practical research skills to undertake doctoral research in the field. Our graduates have a strong track record of publishing papers based on their dementia research projects in peer reviewed journals and secured PhD scholarships and academic/research posts.

For clinicians, the programme will provide research perspectives and practical skills that could inform subspecialty practice in dementia.

Read Bronte’s story about how the Dementia MSc equipped her with core research skills to start translating her own research, as well as upskilling her dementia research knowledge.

Bronte Heath