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Dr Naaheed Mukadam on ethnic inequalities in dementia

Dr Naaheed Mukadam is an Associate Professor in the Division of Psychiatry. Her work specialises on older people, as well as ethnic inequalities in dementia diagnosis and care.

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Dr Naaheed Mukadam's current work focuses on the inequalities related to ethnicity when it comes to dementia. Regarding the motivations behind her work, she said:

"So much of what we know about dementia comes from studies in predominantly white people in relatively affluent settings so it is important to study more diverse groups. I hope that by studying dementia in diverse groups, we can gain a better understanding of how and why dementia develops in some people and not others and this could lead to better understanding of disease mechanisms and even potentially new treatments in the future."

Dr Mukadam has also done extensive work studying the link between music and memory, particularly within the South Asian community, which she discusses in this video:

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