Brain Sciences


Melissa Hazen - MSc Audiological Science - Canada

Melissa Hazen

19 July 2017

Before arriving at UCL, my undergraduate background in Canada was in psychology, English, and mental health. Currently, my Masters in Audiological Science is taught at one of the world leading facilities for research in hearing science, the UCL Ear Institute. Working alongside this institution’s researchers and contributing to the development of the field, I am a part of an innovative movement to improve the technology and practices we see in healthcare today. 

My year at UCL began with the goal of maximising every opportunity that presented itself. I was nominated as the Student Representative for the Faculty of Brain Sciences and I also had the privilege to compete as an elite athlete for UCLU’s Athletics team. Apart from becoming involved with politics, volunteer work, and sport, I also collaborated with UCL ChangeMakers, an organization tasked with improving the quality of education for future students.

At UCL I stepped out of my comfort zone and faced one of the most challenging years of my life, despite the trials I was confronted with the rewards I reaped at the end of this journey were invaluable. UCL taught me resilience, a quality that can only be learned through experience, and for that, I am grateful. I am confident that I will step away from my graduate studies not only having achieved a higher education, but also having discovered a greater confidence within myself.