Brain Sciences


Matt Smith – BA Linguistics (International Programme) - UK

12 September 2016

Matt Smith – BA Linguistics (International Programme)

I’m Matt. Language has always stirred a deep fascination in me, mostly because virtually everybody has mastered at least one and yet relatively few people know how languages work on a cognitive level. My endeavour to become a member of the niche community who actually understand the rules governing languages propelled my decision to study linguistics. UCL was my preference when selecting a university because every other institution seemed to only offer a heavily diluted version of UCL’s Linguistics programme. My time here so far has been intellectually demanding but overall very worthwhile.

Living in London can be a really exhilarating experience and although prices in this city are quite high, the university does award bursaries and scholarships to make studying for a degree a more affordable process. On the course, there is definitely a sense in the atmosphere that students are being educated to become some of the finest graduates in the world.

I am originally from Liverpool and in sixth form I studied English Language, Media Studies, Law, Psychology, Sociology and the Extended Project. In the near future I look forward to seeing you around this wonderful department.