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Julie Joubert – BSc Psychology and Language Sciences - France

12 September 2016

Julie Joubert – BSc Psychology and Language Sciences

I started the BSc Psychology and Language Sciences (PaLS) without really knowing what awaited me, having no background in either psychology or linguistics. What I discovered was a course that covered a much larger array of disciplines than expected, each of which including practical experiences, ranging from handling human brains, to watching toddlers learn the correct use of irregular verbs, among many others.

Studying any psychology- and language sciences-related course at UCL gives access not only to outstanding teaching but also to unparalleled research facilities, as UCL hosts some of the most rapidly expanding research laboratories in the field of brain sciences. The emphasis on both research and clinical outcomes makes the undergraduate courses an excellent choice for students looking to either undertake research-oriented, or clinical career paths.

The BSc PaLS is distinct from the BSc Psychology in that while it covers most of the Psychology curriculum, it also strongly focuses on the psychology of language, with specialist modules such as language development, speech sciences, or the neural basis of speech. I would especially recommend this course to prospective students with a strong scientific background who are interested in understanding how language works, in relation to human cognition.